Olivepool is a long-furred, dark red tabby she-cat with a white underbelly, tail tip, and paws. She has startling olive green eyes. She is the deputy of BrookClan.

History Edit

In TunnelClan Edit

Olivekit was born to Lilywater, along with her three other siblings. After becoming strong enough, Olivekit befriends lonely Shadowkit, son of the deceased Blackpool and Podspark, who was expecting her second litter of kits with Hawkclaw.

Strangly enough, Olivekit befriends Blazekit, a kit of current leader, Oakstar.

When Wintersky brings down Blackpool to meet with Shadowkit, now Shadowpaw, he discusses about Olivekit, Shadowpaw blushing.

Olivekit becomes Olivepaw, but her mentor is never mentioned.

Falconkit states to Sealeaf and Dustkit that after Leafkit's vigil, she had seen the Clan's newest warrior, Olivepool, run off into the woods. Olivepool never returns, and her former clanmates believed that she had been killed.

In BrookClan Edit

Olivepool is seen as the BrookClan deputy, being very serious about going to the Gathering at the New Fourtrees later that day. Azurestar claims that they should continue to think about their choice, as BrookClan was brand new.

Olivepool greets Azurestar very formally, wanting to show her loyalty to her new leader.

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Trivia Edit

  • Olivepool had a crush on Shadowclaw, and was heartbroken when she heard he had turned rouge.
  • Her best friend was Blazeheart/Blazestar while she was in TunnelClan
  • She was originally a red she-cat with green eyes
  • Skyfire has stated that although Olivepool left her birth Clan, she is a very loyal cat, willing to break the warrior code to remain loyal. This is her fatal

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Kin Edit

Mother: Lilywater

Siblings: Unnamed kits

Mate: Shadowclaw (formally and unofficially)

Quotes Edit

"O Mighty One, why shall you control everything?" Olivekit to Shadowkit.

"I can't, no. She just-" Olivekit after Blizzardkit's death.

"Lead the way great cat. You apparently know the path."